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Cellebrite Spring 2021 CTF - Part 1 - Marsha - PC

Solutions to 2022 Spring Cellebrite CTF! Part 1! This part looks at the solutions to the questions associated with the image of Marsha's Windows 10 PC.

Monroe IQ-213 - The Calculator with a Memory

The top of the line Monroe calculator in the 1960's.

Solving Wordle using Python and Basic Frequency Analysis

A quick writeup on a simple way I approached solving Wordle with Python and letter frequency analysis.

Friden DW-8

A 1950's model Friden DW-8 calculator.

Wooden Comptometer

The very first Comptometer model ever made.

iOS Restrictions Code Cracking

Diving into recovering a forgotten iOS device's restrictions passcode and writing a tool to do so automatically.

Magnet AXIOM Introduction - Part 2

Introduction and tutorial to the Magnet AXIOM suite of tools. In part two, we'll look at AXIOM Examine and how it can be used to search for evidence.

Magnet AXIOM Introduction - Part 1

Introduction and tutorial to the Magnet AXIOM suite of tools. In part one, we'll acquire and process an Android device to later analyze.

Electric Millionaire Mechanical Calculator Overview and Operation

Incredible brass and steel early 20th century Swedish mechanical calculator. With stand, motor, and single-cycle multiplication.

Marty - A Windows Timeline Analysis Tool

It's time to go back... in the Windows Timeline.