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Cellebrite Spring 2021 CTF - Part 3 - Beth - iPhone X

Beth’s iPhone X - iOS 14.6

Question 31 – 10pts

Beth wanted to meet her partner in an isolated place in the mountains to close a deal. Which email address did she send to?

A simple keyword search for mountains shows three results, with one being an email.

Mountains Search

The email was to livingstonhank11@gmail.com and is the solution to this question.

Question 32 – 10pts

Where was Beth on June 29th 2021 when she made a call to Marsha? (Provide only the city in your answer)

For this question, we need to load up the timeline created by Physical Analyzer and looked at June 29th, 2021. Here, we can see the outgoing phone call to Marsha and look for any other artifacts that could contain location data.

Phone Call

See it right there? A location artifact around 20 minutes before the call!


Popping the location coordinates into Google Earth reveals she was in New York when she made the call to Marsha.

Question 33 – 10pts

Two of the suspects use the same app to facilitate money transfers without handling fees. Who are they? Provide first names separated by a comma: [AAA],[BBB]

This one is requires analysis of the other images provided as well as this image. It turns out, the only finance app shared between two people was PassBook - shared between Beth and Marsha.


Since this is a default iOS, I was unsure but decided to use an attempt to answer the challenge, and indeed the answer was Beth,Marsha.

Question 34 – 10pts

What is the version of the extraction container format in the provided evidence file?

The extracted container format can be found inside the zip archive that Physical Analyzer processes. Inside the zip file is the phone filesystem, a log file, and a version file containing the container format version.

Container Version

The solution is CLBX-0.3.1.

Question 36 – 10pts

Who was Beth supposed to meet at the Vienna Inn?

Another simple keyword search for Vienna Inn provides only one result.

Vienna Inn

The solution is Heisenberg White.

Question 37 – 10pts

What was Beth’s furthest walking distance?

To solve this one, we need to use the Activity Sensor Data pane that Cellebrite Provides.

Sensor Data

In this window, we can sort by the Distance Traveled column to see the longest distance.

Longest Distance

The solution is 2482.28.

Question 38 – 10pts

What is the IMEI number of the device?

Another super-easy one, displayed right on the Physical Analyzer homepage.


The solution is 359405082912450.

Question 39 – 10pts

What is the Apple ID associated with the device?

This answer is also displayed on the homepage.

Apple ID

The solution is tornadobeth@gmail.com.

Question 42 – 20pts

What is the Exclusive Chip Identification (ECID) of the mobile device?

A method for solving this challenge can be found on the ECID iPhone Wiki page. The page list several methods for recovering the ECID from a running device or filesystem. Within the filesystem, the ECID can be recovered from the apticket.der file. The location of this file can be found at /System/Library/Caches/apticket.der. By going to this location in Physical Analyzer, we can see the location of the actual file we want.

apticket location

And opening up this file, we can search for and see the ECID.


The ECID and solution is 1242319429238830.

Question 43 – 20pts

What was the search query in the open tab of the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser?

Hmmmm. The first place we want to look is the for any cache files present related to the DuckDuckGo browser. Using the SQLite browser, we can see there is a Cache.db file that contains a few tables that store some queries and timestamps, but no easy way to connect the two to get the most recent or currently open tab query.


The app folder can be found at Apple_iPhone X (A1901).zip/root/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/1CFB7BE5-990B-4971-908A-10C2EC94080B. By going through all the files here and searching keywords, a property list file called com.duckduckgo.mobile.ios.plist can be found containing the key com.duckduckgo.opentabs.

Open Tab

Here we see an array containing info about the currently open tabs. The url for the open tab is https://duckduckgo.com/?q=daphne+bridgerton+actress&t=ddg_ios&atb=v266-3mc&ko=-1&iax=images&ia=images, making the search query and solution for the challenge daphne bridgerton actress.

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